Master of Close Up Magic
Boris Wild

Boris Wild began practising magic in 1985 when he was only 12. He is now one of the most renowned French magicians in the world. He is both international performer and lecturer, author and creator of original effects.

Close-up magic is his specialty, a top-level performance happening only a few inches from your eyes! Whether at your table, during a cocktail party or a private show, magic effects follow on at a tremendous rhythm!

Boris also performs a stage act in which he puts new life into classics of magic with class and elegance to beautiful music.
His list of awards is prestigious and has never been equaled by any other French magician. Boris has notably won the title of “French Champion of Magic” in 1996. He has also been awarded at the FISM World Magic Championships and at the “Monte Carlo Magic Stars”.

London, New York, Las Vegas, Shanghai, Tokyo, Cape Town or Sydney: Boris regularly performs on the five continents. He has already worked in more than 20 countries for the biggest companies, in the most renowned places such as the world famous “Magic Castle” in Hollywood where he has already performed more than 100 shows!
Boris Wild has been invited to many French and international TV shows including “The Greatest Cabaret in the World” (three appearances), “Magic Show at the Lido” or “Champions of Magic” in the USA. He has also even performed magic effects on a National French radio during one full season with a famous TV host.
His performances have drawn thousands of spectators all over the world and his romantic “Kiss Act” has quickly become a classic of close-up magic. His books, effects and videos are distributed everywhere in the world and are all bestsellers in their category.
Last but not least, Boris has been nominated “Guest of Honor” at the FFFF Convention, the most prestigious gathering of close-up magicians in the world, being the first French artist to get this title and the youngest ever.

What does he offer?


Close-up Magic

Enjoy at your table, or during a cocktail party, top-level magic in which amazing effects follow on at a tremendous rhythm!

Nothing but interactive and entertaining magic happening before your very eyes!
The Kiss Act on stage with big screen

Awarded at the FISM World Magic Championships, “The Kiss Act” is a special show combining poetry, emotion and card magic. Initially thought for close-up magic, this act perfectly fits any stage show due to the fact it is entirely done to music.
The use of a big screen allows the audience to enjoy the choreography of the gestures and the beauty of this unique act performed in the greatest international magic festivals.
The Stage Act

A stylish performance of magic done to music for all audiences. A show which puts new life into the classics with class and finesse!
The “One Man Close-Up Show”

A real magic show in intimate conditions! A brilliant display of hilarious, stunning or poetic effects in which the spectators play an active part!
A performance combining class and cosiness with “The Kiss Act” awarded at the World Magic Championships and “Pure Telepathy”.

Where does he perform?

  • Corporate Events
  • Product Launches
  • Fundraising Nights
  • Awards Nights
  • Festivals
  • Private Functions
  • Celebrations of any kind.


“I believe you are a genius. I tip my hat to you.”

– Obie O’Brien, FFFF Head Forker


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