The World’s Top Quick Change Act
David & Dania - Magical Transformations

David Maas and Dania Kaseeva met in 1995 on a circus tour, where Dania was performing her award-winning hula-hoop act and David was working as a singing-ringmaster.

Together, David & Dania present one of the most original and astonishing magic act ever seen on stage or in the ring since the days of legendary Italian transformist, Fregoli.

During a non-stop, dynamic, superbly choreographed dance exhibition, David and Dania puzzle a flabbergasted audience with staggering, flashing costume transformations, which happen in front of our incredulous eyes in fractions of a second. Whether presented on stage or on a circus ring, their elegant metamorphosis are simply unbelievable. Since David and Dania’s debut with this amazing act in 1996, audiences have responded to their incredible illusions with tremendous ovations – and left the theatre every night wondering if they had not just dreamed what they saw !…What they saw is the most exiting, magnetic, innovative and unscrutinizeable magic-dance-transformation act in the world today!

Appearing with the National Basket-Ball Association half time featured act during their annual Games, appeared with great success at the Arnold Schwarzenegger TV Classic, featured on through out the year at the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, entertainers of the year at the Showboat Casino, Atlantic City, USA.

What do they offer?


David & Dania’s unique quick change act has been seen by 21 million people worldwide through their appearances on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and the unprecedented viral spread of the video clip through YouTube.

Where do they perform?


  • Corporate Events
  • Product Launches
  • Fundraising Nights
  • Awards Nights
  • Festivals
  • Private Functions
  • Celebrations of any kind.




“Quick change, you two are THE BEST”

– George Bush

“Absolutely brilliant””

– David Hasselhoff


For more information and to check availability and dates call (03) 9486 4445 or email


And their latest act can be seen by clicking here.