The Kids Comedy Magician
Tom Stevens as TIP TOP TOM

Tom Stevens is a professional magician, juggler and balloonologist and one of the busiest entertainers in Australia.

In the guise of Tip Top Tom, he has created a show designed especially for children. They love being able to be part of the show. Tip Top Tom will give a number of children the chance to be the Special Assistant! As soon as they see that he will make them look good on stage and have everyone clap for the Special Assistant, they all want to volunteer.
It’s a chance like never before to show their friends some super-power.








What does he offer?


Tip Top Tom’s unique brand of comedy magic tricks are great fun for kids and adults alike. Like a real life cartoon he can gobble up a juggling ball or make coins pour out of a seemingly empty glass. His “Pick a card” tricks are the funniest in town, with GIANT cards appearing out of the blue! Magicians often pull coins out of the air or from behind someone’s ear. Watch as Tip Top Tom tries the same but only manages to find a GIANT coin behind someone’s ear.

Many of his magic tricks have unexpected results which not only surprise him but keep the audience laughing. They’ll also be scratching their heads wondering how it really did happen! There’ll be plenty of opportunities for kids to volunteer as helpers and try out their own magical powers, which amazingly enough they are endowed with when holding the magic wand! The younger children particularly enjoy it when several of Tip Top Tom’s props appear to have a mind of their own and try to steal the show!

Age range: show varies depending on age group. Shows available for 5 year olds all the way up to 10 year olds. And all accomplished with clean family friendly humour!

  • Tom also offers BALLOONOLOGY and a LIVE RABBIT which can be added to his COMEDY MAGIC SHOW as a package. 

Where does he perform?

  • Family Dinners
  • Outdoor Events
  • Fundraising Nights
  • Christenings
  • Festivals
  • Private Functions
  • Celebrations of any kind.



We have seen other children entertainers which had some good parts to their show and their fee reflected their performance-cheap. We had heard about Tip Top Tom, we were a bit reluctant to use his services at first because his fee is higher than many others, but he was recommended to us by a friend and gee he was great.

He kept his cool with a lot of pressure from young hecklers (troublemakers) in the crowd. He kept the Adults amused as well as the children entertained – his experience shows, and is well worth it. We used Tiptop Tom as entertainment for our Daughters Christening, his one hour show was excellent, even the adults were wondering at times, ‘how did he do that?’ Organising a function is stressful as it is; if you want entertainment that won’t add to that, consider Tip Top Tom as he is excellent. Highly recommended.”

– Sam & Deb, Balwyn


“Tip Top Tom entertained a bunch of unpredictable 5 year olds at our son’s party – he even managed to keep the scary girls under wraps. Arrived early, set up under pressure (all children mulling around and getting in the way), worked the crowd and had their attention for the whole time – even managed to put a lid on the hecklers!!! He was great and we felt we totally had our money’s worth. Every adult at the party took a card for their kids or themselves. Terrific.”

– Sarah & Jared



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