Australia’s Honest Conman

Melbourne Magician Nicholas Johnson Comedy Magic Show

Nicholas J. Johnson is one of Australia’s leading entertainers and corporate speakers.

He’s also a con artist.

Growing up in the circus, Nicholas began his career along side sideshow performers and fast talking carnival spruikers.

Along the way, he learnt how to cheat at cards, pickpocket, spin a tale and talk his way out of a tight spot.

At 20, he decided to use his skills for good instead of evil becoming Australia’s Honest Con Man using his talents to entertain and education rather than swindle.

AIMmemberToday, Nicholas is one of Australia’s most sought after entertainers and corporate speakers having worked with the Australian Federal Police, St George Banking, FBI, Crown Casino, Canberra Casino, Krispy Kreme, Telstra, Optus, Adobe, Foxtel, Southern Star, Toyota, Microsoft and many more.

He has demonstrated swin
dles on The 7pm Project, Today Tonight, Sunrise, Kids WB and A Current Affair and made countless appearances on Triple J, 2UE, 3AW, The Age and ABC Radio, including his popular Scam of the Week segment on ABC Statewide Drive. Plus, he starred in the Channel Nine TV series ‘The Real Hustle’


What does he offer?


Have your guests laughing on the edge of their seats with five to forty five minutes of interactive scams and award winning stand up comedy from Australia’s Honest Con Man. In this critically acclaimed performance, Nicholas will:

  • – Cheat the best card player in the room.
  • – Talk a guest out of his cash.
  • – Sell some one an empty wallet.
  • – Show how to win free drinks in any bar.
  • – Teach the audience people lie…and get away with it.
  • – Risk $5000 of his own money on a bad joke.

Where does he perform?

  • Corporate Dinners
  • Trade Launches
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Christmas Parties
  • Training Seminars
  • Awards Banquets
  • Adult Birthdays
  • Private Functions
  • Celebrations of any kind


“Nicholas also has something any profitable liar (or performer for that matter) must possess – charisma. Despite fooling us over and over again, you just can’t help but like him.
The humour lies in the countless clever and unexpected twists throughout the show.
Catch him if you can!”

– Erin Davidson (The Groggy Squirrel)

“If Nicholas J. Johnson fleeces you, don’t worry – he is using his power for good, not evil.”

– The Age

“He’s studied under the world’s most feared hustlers and scammers…and now he’s ready to show you the tricks of the trade!”

– Triple J

“There’s more to this performer than meets the eye (or often doesn’t when the sleight of hand gets out of hand).”

– Canberra Times