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Peter Gray - Character Comedian

Peter Gray is a one-man ‘Cirque du Soleil’.

He has appeared in the musical ‘Barnum’, had a six-month residency at ‘Expo 88’ in Brisbane, headed ‘The Itchy Feet Pep Band’, starred at the Reef Hotel Casino in Cairns, and has toured Australia with his astonishing solo shows year after year.







What does he offer?


Peter offers several different mime characters who excel in the art of ‘Meet & Greet’.

NELLIGAN – (Pictured) Nelligan is an old man who once was an entertainer. He’s friendly to everyone who passes and simply wants to share the skills of his past. He can be very gentle but also cranky. If people are kind to him he might play the spoons, but if they are rude to him he turns his back and hobbles away.

PEDRO – Flamboyantly dressed, Pedro welcomes the guests as they arrive by ushering them to their seats. While guests wait for the official proceedings to begin, they are spontaneously entertained by Pedro’s antics. During the action, red carpet treatment is offered to a privileged few ignoring others with comical consequences.

ANGELO – A strictly regimented character who greets guests in the same manner as Pedro, but takes his job much. much more seriously.

Where does he perform?

  • Company Dinners
  • Product Launches
  • Award Nights
  • Christenings
  • Festivals
  • Private Functions
  • Celebrations of any kind.


“Peter’s characterisations enthralled the capacity audiences
which he drew to every Piazza performance.

Whether as the little old man playing the spoons and balancing on a rolling board, his brilliant slackwire act or the wobbly bike routine, Peter captured the hearts of young and old alike.

I was particularly impressed by the presentation of Peter’s skills and the great attention to detail. Juggling, balancing, slackwire and audience participation, combined with his many other skills were presented in an extremely well choreographed, entertaining routine.

Apart from the total professionalism of Peter’s work, he was pleasant to work with and able to adapt his shows to any type of situation which arose. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter Gray as an asset to any entertainment program requiring expertise and professionalism.”

– David Hamilton, Piazza Producer