Strolling Magic from The Moll with a heart of gold
Trixie - Strolling Magician

Trixy is performed by Lee Cohen, a second generation magician and one of a rare breed of female magicians.

She began her magical career as a ‘Magicians Assistant’ and after years of intense training graduated to having her own show.

Nowadays, she has several different shows and a troupe of assistants… of the feathered and furry kind.

What does she offer?


Hold onto your hearts and wallets when Trixy is in town, she presents close up magic in a sexy, stylish and very disarming way. With her broad “New Yawk” accent she flirts with her victims while showing them amazing feats of magic, but like any good moll she’s much more interested in “casing the joint”.

She’s also a very accomplished musician and, if you have a piano handy, she’s more than happy to sit down and “tickle the ivories”.

When you need two close up magicians to entertain your group, Trixy’s style works extremely well in combination with AL CAPPUCCINO.

Lee also performs as herself, LEE COHEN, or in character for the children as KOBI THE CLOWN.

Where does she perform?

  • Gangster Nights
  • Corporate Dinners
  • Fundraising Nights
  • Christenings
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Trade Launches
  • Celebrations of any kind.




“Best Moll I’ve ever had! ”

– Al Cappuccino



For more information and to check availability and dates call (03) 9486 4445 or email