Hoax Characters created just for you
Tim Ellis in disguise

Hoax Speakers have always been popular, but never moreso than since the addition of magic to their repertoire.

We offer several performers who specialise in this very unique presentation including Tim Ellis, Nicholas J Johnson, and Mat Unwin.

Following your brief, they will arrive for pre-dinner cocktails in character as your guest speaker and mingle with your delegates, convincing them that they are exactly who they say they are.

They’ll share a meal with your guests, going into their detailed personal histories and really establishing their credentials.

By the time they get up in front of everyone ready to speak, your guests will be eager to hear what they have to say.

This is where the fun begins.

Not only will they say the most outrageous things about the future plans for your business, but strange things will happen… like items suddenly being on the podium that weren’t there a minute ago, or things being removed from briefcases that seem just a little to big to have actually fit inside… and your guests will start to question their eyes.

By the time the speaker has pulled a can of drink from his shoe or restored his torn up notes into one giant sheet, your guests will realise that the joke’s on them.

They won’t have to listen to a boring after dinner speech after all, but instead get treated to a 30 minute show filled with magic and fun.

Plus, they’ve learned a very important lesson in business.

Things aren’t always what they seem… question everything!

For more information and to check availability and dates call (03) 9486 4445 or email Tim@MagicUnlimited.com