We’ll scare the laugh out of your guests
Horror Spooktacular

Horror Nights are our speciality!

We have produced events like ‘The Halloween Spooktacular’ and ‘The Night of the Lost Soles’ (for the footwear industry) which have been huge successes.

We incorporate acts including:

  • Igor the opera-singing hunchback.
  • Nicholas Johnson walking on broken glass and eating live scorpions.
  • Vampires carrying live, disembodied hands through the crowd.
  • Tim Ellis eating razorblades or linking rings of barbed wire.

As your guests arrive, our strolling magicians will perform especially created effects designed to shock, horrify and surprise.

Inside we can set the stage up as a graveyard… would you like your CEO to emerge from a coffin?

Throughout the night our artists can perform mini-floorshows of spontaneous magic or maybe you’d prefer one big shocker of a show after everybody’s eaten?

Every one of these events is customised to suit the needs and the budget of our client..

For more information and to check availability and dates call (03) 9486 4445 or email Tim@MagicUnlimited.com