The Craic Comedy Magic Show

Patrick McCullagh - Strolling MagicPatrick McCullagh is originally from Ireland, moved to Scotland, lived in England, now here in Australia, a man evidently on the run from the law.

For brilliant comedy with a magical twist, Patrick is established as the consummate international corporate entertainer.

This is an act where the gags flow as fast as the tricks, and the magic has the unique stamp of his personality, in style and performance.

What does he offer?


From the moment he walks out on stage he captivates his audiences with quick one liners and an opening stunt that just floors the spectators – He swallows a four foot long inflated balloon… which never reappears.

As things progress he steals peoples watches, links three borrowed finger rings form audience members, turns $5 notes into $100 notes, makes things jump from a lady spectators hand into a man’s trousers (no embarrassment to anyone), spectators have their minds read and as a closer, a signed money bill borrowed form a member of the audience is found inside a can of baked beans that the person himself has been holding during the entire show.

This is an act full of quick jokes, remarks and ad libs that make it an experience to behold, it adds up to a lot of belly laughs and memorable entertainment.

Where does he perform?

  • Trade Launches
  • Awards Nights
  • Conferences
  • Comedy Clubs
  • Christmas Parties
  • Corporate Dinners
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Private Functions
  • Celebrations of any kind


“Patrick’s many and varied performances delighted thousands at Skandia Geelong Week – he’s one of the funniest blokes I’ve ever seen – and an absolute pleasure to work with!”

– Marie James – Artistic Director – Skandia Geelong Week

“I want him for our director’s Christmas party..he has to do the thing with the purse, the balloon and the beans..they were unbelievable.”

– Norman Smorgan Director Smorgans Steel



Patrick McCullagh - Comedy Magician Click to enlarge